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High-Level Debates and Cultural Celebrations at BIBEME ELLA Foundation.

The palavers are events organized by the  Foundation that take place every three months over the course of a full weekend. These gatherings provide a unique opportunity to participate in high-level presentations and debates led by traditional chiefs, researchers, teachers, and experts.

During these palavers, participants have the opportunity to attend presentations and engage in debates that address important societal, cultural, and environmental topics. Traditional chiefs share their ancestral wisdom, researchers present their latest findings, teachers share their expertise, and experts shed light on crucial issues.

In addition to intellectual discussions, the palavers also offer moments of entertainment and celebration of African culture. Evenings of African storytelling allow participants to immerse themselves in the fascinating narratives of African oral tradition, conveying stories rich in teachings and values.

Various activities are also organized during these events, providing participants with an immersive and interactive experience. Demonstrations of traditional dances, exhibitions of African art, stands showcasing artisanal products, and tastings of local cuisine are all activities that allow for the discovery and appreciation of the Africa's cultural richness.

The palavers also incorporate traditional and ancestral rituals, allowing participants to connect with their roots and celebrate the traditions that have shaped their identity. Symbolic ceremonies, traditional songs, and dances punctuate these moments of sharing and communion.

Finally, participants have the opportunity to visit the sacred forest surrounding the Foundation . This forest is home to over 100 species of medicinal trees, offering a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of traditional medicine and strengthen the connection between humans and nature.

The palavers organized by the Foundation  are much more than just an event. They represent a true celebration of culture, knowledge, and spirituality. These gatherings provide participants with a space for exchange, reflection, and celebration, fostering intercultural dialogue and the preservation of ancestral traditions.