The Lion and the Hare: An African Tale

Oct 13, 2023 18H39 - admin_FBE
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In the vast plains of Africa, there lived a majestic lion, renowned for his power and ferocity. On the other side of the savannah, resided a cunning and mischievous hare. One day, the hare decided to put the lion’s reputation to the test.

The hare knew that the lion had an insatiable appetite and primarily feasted on fresh meat. So, he ventured to the lion’s den, where he found the king dozing under a tree. The hare approached cautiously, making sure not to make a sound.

“O mighty king of the animals,” said the hare in a trembling voice, “I have heard tales of your strength and bravery throughout the savannah.”

The lion, flattered by these words, lifted his head and roared proudly, “It is true, I am the king here!”

The hare continued, “I am here to challenge you, O king, to a race to the river. If you beat me, you shall have the right to devour me. But if I win, you must promise to leave me and my fellow animals in peace, never to hunt us again.”

The lion, confident in his superiority, accepted the challenge with arrogance. They positioned themselves at the starting line, with the shimmering river as the finish line in the distance.

At the signal, the hare darted off with astonishing speed, leaping nimbly between bushes and rocks. The lion, on the other hand, rushed forward with force and vigor, causing the ground to tremble beneath his feet.

But as they drew closer to the river, the hare seemed to gain an advantage. The lion, exhausted from the race, began to doubt his victory. He made one final attempt to catch up with the hare, but it was too late.

The hare crossed the finish line first, winning the race. The lion, breathless, collapsed in the grass, humiliated by his defeat.

Approaching the lion, the hare looked at him with mischief in his eyes. “O king of the animals, I have shown you that cunning and intelligence can triumph over brute strength. Now, keep your promise and let my fellow animals live in peace.”

The lion, humbled yet wise, nodded in agreement. He understood that greatness lies not only in physical strength but also in wisdom and prudence.

From that day forward, the lion kept his word and no longer hunted the hare’s friends. The hare continued to pass down this tale through generations, reminding the animals of the savannah that wit and intelligence can sometimes be mightier than brute force.

Disclaimer: This story is a retelling of a traditional African tale and does not claim any specific cultural authenticity.