Palabres sous l'arbre de MAO (PS'AMAO): novembre 2023

Nov 25, 2023 09H00 - Sangmelima,Avebe Yekombo - 150 000 XAF
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In the run-up to the next PS'AMAO, we would like to present the main themes of the debates:

The new African thought:
- Rehabilitate the creative and eternal work of the Afro-Egyptian ancestors, both spiritually and scientifically.
- Draw up an inventory and a global assessment, without complacency, of the actions of Arabs and Europeans in Africa: slavery, colonisation, falsification of history, dehumanisation, spiritual and cultural reformatting of minds.
- Develop new paradigms of thought (spirituality, culture, philosophy, politics, economics, science, geopolitics, etc.).
- Drawing up a strategy for disseminating and communicating the new thinking in Africa and throughout the world, as well as a strategy for perpetuating it through current and future generations.